February 15, 2017

Continental Glass Systems recently became involved with an organization call Special Spaces , a non-profit organization Sec. 501 (c)(3) providing a place for children with life-threatening conditions – a special space of hope and inspiration.  Logan, who is a 6-year old boy battling a life-threatening illness called C.H.A.R.G.E Syndrome, he is non-verbal, does not walk and is totally dependent with all his needs.  But, according to his mom, he is a very happy little boy, adores his older sister and loves family activities.  Because of his affliction, he needs to sleep in his parent’s bedroom.  Logan’s parents have requested enclosing their screen porch to create a year-round play/family room for him. Continental Glass Systems is happily donating the sliding glass doors for this great cause! A group of volunteer designers and crew are currently working to help complete Logan’s room with a target date scheduled for late February.

For information on Special Spaces visit or