Helping those in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

October 13, 2017

Human Resource Manager, Glory Maldonado, headed up putting together much needed supplies after Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico sustaining a direct hit. Glory’s family who still resides in Puerto Rico were all effected and thankfully all had survived. Continental Glass Systems immediately donated money and Glory got several employees involved in procuring the basics from local stores in Hialeah. The donations were then driven to the Ana G. Mendez Campus University in Miami Lakes. There were stacks of bottled water, diapers, canned foods and other supplies.

“Everybody in South Florida has helped us,” Natascha Otero Santiago, an organizer for the donations, said. “Since Friday, we have been receiving donations and we have possibly 20 to 25 tons (of supplies).”

Hurricane Maria devastated the island by knocking out power and impacting the water supply.At least 10 people have died in the storm’s aftermath, and authorities are starting to see firsthand the scope of devastation that left the island off the grid.

Gov. Ricardo Rossello met with more than 50 mayors and representatives from across Puerto Rico on Saturday. Some described the conditions in their communities as “apocalyptic” and said there have been incidents of looting in both homes and stores.”We know a little more today than we did yesterday,” Rossello said. “This is going to be a long road.”

On the northwest part of the island, authorities had to physically go to thousands of residents to warn them of a potential dam collapse near the Guajataca River. Volunteers are hoping to help those on the island get back on their feet.